What we do

Ensuring that all members receive benefit from ASIS International programs and services in a cost-effective manner for both the member and ASIS International. Chapter leaders annually discuss ASIS International benefits. We are committed to provide innovative and timely educational programming and use technology-based delivery systems to satisfy current chapter attendees while attracting new participants in ASIS International sponsored education programs.
Identify and implement opportunities for information exchange and discussion on issues affecting the profession. Enhance information sharing between public and private sectors. We will communicate guidelines and standards developed by ASIS International at least three times a year on our new website.

We will assure that ASIS International education programs and certification content are in concert with guidelines and we will actively promote the ASIS International Code of Ethics at least once a year.

Through Security College in the Benelux we will promote certification as a professional competency standard through an annual chapter certification event.
Active collaboration with other potential educational institutions, government agencies, the business community, and non-security disciplines to establish joint or ASIS International sponsored educational programs and certifications.

We will seek for establishing strategic alliances with security, business, governmental, information technology security, and law enforcement organizations to support pursuit of the ASIS International mission.