• 08:00 Walk in
  • 08:30 Opening by chairman of the day
  • 09:00 Rob van Biggelaar
  • 10:15 Wim Hardyns & Marlies Sas
  • 11:30 Security talent competition
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:15 Speaker to be confirmed
  • 14:15 Kris Daels
  • 15:15 Security talent award
  • 15:30 Closing and network event.
  • Dr. Rob van Biggelaar, a psychologist and specialised in social safety and crime prevention. He has many years of experience in providing aggression trainings and is also certified as CPTED specialist.
  • Professor Dr. Wim Hardyns & Dr. Marlies Sas from the university of Gent are both specialized in big-data applications within the safety and security domain, crime prevention and criminological phenomena’s like radicalization/terrorism, online risk behavior and sports related crime. They will share with how we can use nudging in security in preventive measures.
  • Kris Daels is an experienced police officer with a demonstrated history of working in special police operations and crime investigations. Skilled in Criminal Law, Human Rights, Tax Law, and Law Enforcement. He will give as a glimpse of the work of an undercover agent and what it means to manipulate and be manipulated. 


Please be aware that you have to register for each part of the 2 days seperated. (4 from 4)



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