How to apply for recertification points

ASIS International rewarded credits

ASIS will upload most of your ASIS-related CPEs into your international online account. Those CPEs include ASIS international membership, ASIS volunteer leadership, ASIS Global Access Live, and the Global Security Exchange (GSX), formerly known as the ASIS Annual Seminar, online courses, and our live and on-demand webinars

Credits automatically uploaded by ASIS Benelux

ASIS Benelux will upload your ASIS Benelux related CPEs for attending chapter meetings (e.g. Spring and Fall meeting). Uploading will be done based on the signed attendance list of the event, so make sure to place your signature before you leave any meeting.

All other credits you have to upload yourself. 

Request for CPE credits over the ASIS Benelux website

Go to ASIS Benelux website>members area>CPE Credit request
Go to the menu "Apply for CPE Points" and fill in the required fields and attach a similar proof of the event like described below. Please bear in mind that you are only allowed one upload per activity that you are reporting

Documents submitted must include:

  • Event or course name.
  • What to include to ‘prove’ the CPE eligibility of the event?
  • Short description (e.g. title of the event and who organized the event/education).
  • Date of attendance or completion (must be within the 3-year period of certification).
  • Certificate/letter of completion (if applicable).
  • Number of instructional hours you want to claim (include the agenda if applicable).


The ASIS Benelux Certification Representative will evaluate the request. You can see four different statuses:

  • In progress: It’s being examined by ASIS Benelux. 
  • Approved: It fulfils the relevant criterions and you will receive a certificate signed by the chairman of ASIS Benelux including your awarded points. You can than sent this certificated to and the points will be added.
  • Waiting for additional data: You must send additional proof. (You can see the reason when you move your mouse over the question mark)
  • Denied: It does not fulfil the relevant criterions. (You can see the reason when you move your mouse over the question mark)
  • The CPE certificate can be found back in the "My CPE credits" menu