How to Become Student Member

For students, ASIS has a special membership with substantially reduced fees. To qualify for student membership, you must be a full-time student actively pursuing a security-related degree. 

To become an ASIS Benelux student member you must first obtain a student membership at ASIS International at a cost of US$ 20 per year with no application fee. This can be done through the following page: Click here
This provides a significant saving from the regular annual membership fee of US$ 195 + US$ 20 application fee.

Once completed, you send your proof of payment to the secretariat of ASIS Benelux. The secretariat will process your application for the ASIS Benelux Chapter, this membership is completely free of charge. Regular members pay an annual membership fee of €120, -.

By following these steps, you will obtain not only one, but two memberships. These memberships will enable you to build a network which will reach far beyond local borders and engage with professionals globally. The world of security is at your feet. The Young Professional Representative of ASIS Benelux will then contact you, to discuss what you would like to do with your mentorship and what goals you would like to achieve. After the conversation, the YP Representative will search for a suitable mentor. After the match is confirmed, you and your mentor are officially bonded.